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How do Dovetail pants, tops, and accessories fit?Updated 4 months ago

Here are some tips for finding your size!

I'm between sizes. What should I get?

This is a tricky question. If you find that your waist measurement falls within the range for one size but your hip measurement falls within the other, it means that your waist-to-hip ratio differs from that of our fit model. For example, if you find that your waist measurement looks like you should be a size 6 in our size chart but your hips are a size 2, then you probably have a straight-shaped body, and you'll want to choose a size that's going to be more comfortable for your waist, even though they may be somewhat roomy at the hips. It also depends on the stretch factor of the pant you're thinking of. If the fabric is a Stretch Sauce Level 3 (i.e. "very stretchy"), you may be able to size down to a 4, since there will be sufficient give in the fabric to remain comfortable at your waist, while preventing the hips from looking too baggy. If, on the other hand, the fabric is a Stretch Sauce Level 1 (i.e. "minimal stretch"), you may want to get the size 6.

If you have the opposite problem, where your waist is a size 2 but your hips are a size 6, then you'll want a size that will accommodate your hips. People with this body shape will almost always need to wear a belt. If you have a smaller waist/larger hip measurement, then we recommend getting a fabric with a Level 3 stretch, and getting one size smaller in the hips. This means that the waistband won't be as gappy, and the fabric at the hips will stretch enough to accommodate you.

Please see our Size Guide page with more details about our sizes, fabrics, and fits.

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