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Fit and Sizing

Finding women's apparel is hard. Start here for help.

How do Dovetail pants, tops, and accessories fit?

Here are some tips for finding your size!. I'm between sizes. What should I get?. This is a tricky question. If you find that your waist measurement falls within the range for one size but your hip measurement falls within the other, it means that yo

Where can I try on Dovetail products?

We are thrilled that various local and national retailers now carry our products! Please see our Where to Buy page for our current store locations. Not every store carries every style, so please check with them first to see what they have!

My size is out of stock.

It's exciting that our products sell so quickly, but we want every woman to get what she wants! If your size is out, please click on the "Notify Me When Available" link that pops up on the product page. Your email address will be put on a priority li

When will Dovetail have more pant sizes?

As a small, young brand, we have a ways to go before we can call ourselves truly democratic in sizing. We understand that inclusivity goes beyond numbers and requires holistic approaches to different body types from multiple points of view. As women

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