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Other questions about our products, practices, and more.

How do I suggest a candidate for your Woman @ Work series?

We always want to know about great Women at Work out there! You can suggest yourself, or a friend, by filling out this brief submission form. If we choose your submission, we'll be sure to get in touch with you!

Do you have things you want to tell us?

Do you want to suggest new ideas, key features, your hopes and dreams? Our ears are always on and we are listening. Email us your thoughts via our Contact Us form!. And if you want to know the latest updates in terms of product development and other

How can I become a Dovetail ambassador?

Mavens are Dovetail fans who spread the good word of pants with pockets across the land. We strongly recommended you wear + love our clothing before you apply. FYI: Your ambassador link will be the social media handle you use to apply. To be consider

What are your sourcing and manufacturing practices, and where are your clothes sewn?

Our products are proudly made on planet Earth! Our supply chain relationships are the beating heart of Dovetail. We work hard to do right by them, and vice versa. Making exceptional clothes means scouring the globe to find exceptional partners. Ours

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